Carpentry Career Area


The millhouse and house building carpentry department offers complete training in woodworking, new house construction, building repair and building remodeling. Students are trained to use all of the essential tools, machinery, and materials. Instruction is given in blueprint readings, layout and design. Juniors and seniors construct a new house each year.

The Freshmen will be taught good, competent, and safe work habits. They will be shown basic wood joints. This will enable them to layout, assemble, cut, and frame walls properly. The students will erect a roof in the shop. Students will know how to apply various pieces of trim, facia, soffit frieze board, etc. Students will learn safety and to work with fellow students. The Freshmen will learn safe shop and tool practices. The student will become familiar with the required construction practices that are necessary for success on the job. The student will learn the various concepts of wood joining. An emphasis will be placed on the characteristics of wood. The student will learn how to use hand tools safely and properly. The student will be able to use portable and stationary power tools safely and properly.

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Freshman Year

  • Shop Safety
  • Basic Wood Joints
  • Apply Trim, Facia, Soffit Frieze Board
  • Hand Tool Safety
  • Stationary Power Tool Usage

Sophomore Year

  • Emphasis on Safety
  • More Advanced Study of Stationary and Portable Power Tools
  • Learn to Apply Board and Batten Ship Lap Siding, Clapboards, and Wood Shingles
  • Emphasis on Working With Others
  • Construction Technology is Taught in the Related Class

Junior Year

  • Basic Framing Methods
  • Installing Baseboard, Hanging Doors, and Building Stairs
  • Will Work on Constructing a House
  • Learn How to Draw, Estimate, Layout, and Build a Modern House
  • Related Will Coordinate as Much as Possible with the House Building Program
  • Coop Opportunities

Senior Year

  • Learn to Work With Other Trades
  • Learn how to do Interior and Exterior Trim
  • Will be Taught House Design and Floor Plan Layout
  • Will Review all Modern Day Concepts Involved in Platform Construction
  • Related Will Coordinate With the House Building Program
  • Coop Opportunities
  • John Koliss
  • Shop Instructor
  • Grades: 11 & 12
  • Ext. 1312
  • Matthew Rickson
  • Shop Instructor
  • Grades: 9 & 10
  • Ext. 4457
  • Ronald Johnson
  • Related Instructor
  • All Grade Levels
  • Ext. 1114