Metal Fabrication & Joining Technologies Career Area


The students work with advanced equipment for punching, bending, rolling and shearing metal as they master the precise skills of fabricating metal. They will also be trained in the art of welding, oxyacetylene, arc, mig, tig, resistance as well as soldering, flame cutting and src cutting.

The Freshmen will name and know the use of all the tools commonly found in a sheet metal shop. They will learn to safely operate selected pieces of equipment found in the school metal fabrication program. They will learn to fabricate objects using simple shop drawings, and will observe and carry out all safety principles regarding machine use, proper clothing and good housekeeping. Additionally, the Freshmen will learn safety, setting up and connecting welding equipment and proper methods of manipulating the torch. Perform common welding joints and welding positions, and how to do this type of welding with and without a welding rod will be...

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Freshman Year

  • Shop Safety
  • Shop Maintenance
  • Operate Selected Equipment
  • Perform Common Welding Joints
  • Basic Shop Drawing and Layout

Sophomore Year

  • Operate All Equipment
  • Welding Equipment Safety
  • Basics of Pipe Welding
  • Operate Power Machinery
  • Shielded Metal and Welding

Junior Year

  • Make Shop Drawings
  • Fabricate Projects
  • Weld Light and Heavy Metals
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Coop Opportunities

Senior Year

  • Perform All Operations
  • Safety of Gas Tungsten
  • Advanced Blueprint Reading
  • Theory of Layout Work
  • Coop Opportunities
  • Christopher Wong-Kam
  • Shop Instructor
  • All Grades
  • Ext. 1321
  • Patrick Fogarty
  • Related Instructor
  • All Grade Levels
  • Ext. 4222